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At Chrome In The Canyon Premier Mule Sale, we know that top quality mules/consignors & service make for a high quality experience.

Chrome In The Canyon Premier Mule Sale takes pride in top of the line quality of service offered to both buyers and consignors alike.

Consignors have a place to sell their prize possessions whereas buyers have a place to discover their next lifelong partner.

Buy With Confidence!

Our consignors and mules are nominated and scored from a rubric, months in advance.

Only the “Top” scoring nominations sell at sale.

Each mule is vet checked and sifted again 2 days prior to sale day.

Buyers get to see every aspect of sale mules and are encouraged to visit them at their home residence before the sale.

Buyers get to see them perform through vet checks, sifting processes, live demonstrations, meet and greets, as well as YouTube videos.

We offer every avenue for buyers to find their perfect partner.

Buyers will prevail at the sale so rest assure to buy with confidence!

Presented by:
MM Auction Services, LLC
Colby & Codi Gines

Please contact us any time: MM Auction Services, LLC

Codi Gines 307.272.5039

Colby Gines 307.272.5367

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