2021 Chrome in the Canyon Premier Mule Sale was beyond memorable!

When you think it can’t get any better, it does! Bryce Canyon Mule Days is a class act and we couldn’t think of a better place to produce our sale. The Mecham Family always goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome! We would like to thank them for including us and our sale in their Mule Days Celebrations. If you haven’t been able to join us, you should. We promise you won’t regret it.

Huge thank you to our consignors, buyers, MM Auction Services crew, and our event partners. Your continued support and hard work is what allows us to produce such a great sale with the WORLD’S BEST MULES!

Colby & Codi Gines

MM Auction Services, LLC

  • Top 5 Mules Averaged $29,500
  • Top 10 Mules Averaged $26,650
  • Top 20 Mules Averaged $22,700
  • Overall Sale Average $17,692
  • 3 Mules were Sifted
  • NO Mules were passed or no sold
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Shawn & Nellie Petersen with Petersen Mule Company earned the honors for Consignor of the Year. These two are the epitome of what ideal mule consignors and trainers strive to be on a daily basis. Their attitude and sportsmanship towards all consignors and everyone involved doesn’t go unnoticed. They are two of the most positive people we’ve met in the mule world and two of the best mule trainers the USA has to offer. Congratulations and we are proud to know you!


High Seller

Lot #27 Amazing Grace offered by Rafter F Mules sold for $33,500. A once in a lifetime 5 year old molly mule with her whole life ahead of her. Amazing Grace was ready for a rider of any skill level and eager to be your new best friend!

2nd High Seller

Lot #30 Buttercup offered by Lost Mule Company sold for $32,000. Buttercup had been there and done that! She came well trained, beginner safe, ready to ride or drive.

3rd High Seller

Lot #22 Daisy offered by Mahoney Mule Company sold for $28,000. One special molly mule! Safe, fun, experienced, and beautiful to boot! She was one that would fit the whole family!

4th High Seller

 Lot #6 Smokey offered by Rockyridge Mules sold for $27,000. A true gentleman that was started and trained right! Pleasant natured, gentle, reliable, and beautifully colored, you couldn’t go wrong with Smokey!

5th High Seller

Lot #5 Amigo offered by Petersen Mule Company sold for $27,000. Amigo lives up to his name, a true friend! He made everyone smile whenever they were around him! He was eager to please and up for anything!

6th High Seller

Lot #20 Brenda offered by Rockyridge Mules sold for $26,000. This pretty black molly mule knows her job and will be rock solid while doing it! Safe for kids to adults, she didn’t care! She was ready to take care of her rider!

7th High Seller

Lot #34 Abilene offered by Petersen Mule Company sold for $25,000. Abilene was quite possibly the prettiest mule Premier Mule Sale ever had seen! Sensible is all aspects of the word! A great, honest, all-around mule!

8th High Seller

Lot #16 Ruby Jane offered by Red Dirt Bison Company sold for $23,500. A true sale highlight! She caught people’s attention everywhere she went! A sweet, affectionate, molly mule that was definitely broke and rode around exceptionally well.

9th High Seller

Lot #11 Sundance offered by Jim Jensen sold for $22,500. This big, colorful, John mule showed up ready to take you on your next adventure! He was happy to trail ride or go to work and pack anything you asked him to.

10th High Seller

 Lot #38 Grace offered by McNabb Livestock sold for $22,000. A beautiful, apricot dun, molly mule, with a ton of heart, and handy sized for any job!

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