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2023 Premier Mule Sale Results

The sun has set on the 2023 Chrome in the Canyon Premier Mule Sale!

Fun was had by all at the 2023 Chrome in the Canyon Premier Mule Sale held in conjunction with Bryce Canyon Mule Days! The Mecham Family always goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome! We would like to thank them for including us and our sale in their Mule Days Celebrations. If you haven’t been able to join us, you should! We promise you won’t regret it. Put it on your bucket list! We’d like to thank our trainers, buyers, crew, and our event partners for your continued support! Your hard work and dedication are what allow us to produce such a wonderful sale!

Happy Trails,
Colby & Codi Gines
MM Auction Services, LLC


    • HIGH SELLER ~ $32,500
    • RESERVE HIGH SELLERS ~ 2 @ $20,000
    • TOP 5 ~ $21,300
    • TOP 10 ~ $18,150
    • OVERALL SALE AVERAGE ~ $14,444


Chrome in the Canyon Premier Mule Sale

2023 Premier Trainer

Shout out to our 2023 Premier Trainer, Mark & Jennifer Bailey, along with their family, of Wild Bunch Mule Company! The Bailey’s have been joining us at Chrome in the Canyon Premier Mule Sale since day one and we appreciate the quality of mules they continue to showcase at our sale. Their all-for-one and one-for-all mindset is a breath of fresh air every year! We thank them all for being Premier!


High Seller

LOT # 8 Rosabell offered by Leading Rein Horses & Mules sold for $32,500. An 11 year old stunningly beautiful Sorrel Molly Mule. If her gorgeous looks didn’t please you, her kind and willing to please attitude sure would have! She showed flawlessly at the sale. Safe for any rider, been to the arena, and broke to drive as well!

Reserve High Seller

LOT # 15 Doey offered by Fournier Training sold for $20,000. A 9 year old Palomino John Mule that was an absolute gentleman. He was willing and able to take you down the trail, move cattle, tend to the keds, you name it. A very versatile mule with his whole life ahead of him

Reserve High Seller

LOT # 17 Goldie offered by Petersen Mule Company sold for $20,000. This colored up, 8 year old, Palomino Roan Molly Mule was cool! She had experience on the trail, checking trap lines, and in the pack string. She would lay down on cue too! An excellent addition to anyone’s family!

3rd High Seller

LOT # 1 Turbo offered by Wild Bunch Mule Company sold for $18,000. A handsome 6 year old, Stocking Legged Bay John Mule. Turbo wowed the crowd with his sweet personality and love for people and attention. He had seen the sites at mule rodeos, shows, and down the trail!

4th/5th High Seller

LOT # 18 & 19 JP & Lil offered by Wild Bunch Mule Company each sold for $16,000. A tried-and-true team they were! JP & Lil had been driven all over the country together in parades, overnight wagon rides, and hauling guests around the ranch! They were also broke to ride the very best!

6th High Seller

LOT # 4 Darla offered by Lost Mule Company sold for $15,000. This magnificent, 12 year old, Sorrel Molly Mule was very well trained to ride and drive! The kind of mule you could trust with the kids on up to the grandparents. She would be the same sweet mule everyday!

7th High Seller

LOT # 12 Dusty Roads offered by Red Dirt Bison Company sold for $15,000. The one and only Buckskin John Mule at the sale! A 15 year old honest fellow that showed 100% safe! A true blue, been-there-done-that mule!

8th High Seller

LOT # 16 Viziata offered by Wild Bunch Mule Company sold for $15,000. A super fancy, 6 year old Bay Molly Mule that was easy on the eyes! Conformationally correct, keen headed, and impressively broke to ride. She showed very versatile and ladylike all week long!

9th High Seller

LOT # 5 Mercedes offered by Fournier Training sold for 14,000. Color for days came with this 8 year old Red Roan Palomino Molly Mule! Sure to be your next favorite mule on the trail, that had been ridden by novice and youth riders!

10th High Seller

LOT # 10 Waylon offered by Petersen Mule Company sold for $13,000. A friendly 7 year old Dun John Mule with the perfect personality to make him a willing partner in all upcoming adventures! He was ready to go any direction!


Promoting the equine industry, our youth and future trainers by providing a place for them to showcase their hard work and sell their prize pony mules. At the same time, making other little kids dreams come true by offering the best pony mules available.


High Seller

LOT 21 Licorice offered by Anna of Sunrise Performance Horses sold for $3,000. A cute 7 year old Roan Molly Pony Mule. She was ready to take the kids down the trail, to the arena, and keep up with the big mules!

High Seller

LOT 22 Cracker Jack offered by Stride Peterson of Patten Rope Horses sold for $3,000. An extremely gentle, 10 year old Brown John Mule, that had been ridden all over the ranch and in the mountains!