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The Premier Mule Sale initiates the nomination process on November 1st for our upcoming sale. Nominated mules meeting our stringent criteria will be showcased on this platform after thorough evaluation by our team. We emphasize the importance of high-quality mules and sellers, accepting only top-tier submissions comprising videos, pictures, and mules of exceptional caliber. All trainers and nominated mules undergo evaluation based on our comprehensive Scoring Rubric, with only the highest-scoring mules earning the privilege to be presented for sale.

Our meticulous sifting process extends throughout the nomination phase and continues during the sale, ensuring that only the most exceptional offerings, deemed “PREMIER,” are available for buyers to consider. We are dedicated to assisting buyers in making informed decisions and encourage thorough engagement, such as contacting trainers, posing inquiries, visiting their locations for test rides, and participating in the three-day event held in Tropic, Utah.

Explore all featured mules, including the latest entry, and relish the selection process. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Coming Soon! We'll post all sale mules on this page if they score high enough to sell at sale. Please check back!

Premier Pony Trainee Session

We are dedicated to promoting the mule industry, supporting our youth, and nurturing future trainers by creating a platform to showcase their hard work and sell their prized ponies. Simultaneously, we strive to fulfill the dreams of other young enthusiasts by offering the finest ponies available. Our commitment is to foster growth and opportunity within the mule community, providing a space where passion, hard work, and dreams converge. Join us in celebrating the connection between our youth, future trainers, and the extraordinary world of pony mules.

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